DocKeep Software

Product   Comment
DocKeep Express
Don't forget to purchase your license key before the demo period expires!
DocKeep Pro
Additional power for higher volume scanning and database integration
DocKeep Pro+
All of the features of DocKeep Pro, plus production scanner support
DocKeep for MacPractice
DocKeep Pro features, plus MacPractice integration features
DocKeep downloads run as full-function demos for two weeks before requiring a purchased license.

Database Integration

FileMaker Samples   Comment
Scan to Container Compatible with FileMaker Pro 12. Includes simple buttons to scan a new document or edit an existing document. Use this sample to image enable your database in just five minutes! [Description and Instructions]
For older databases Compatible with FileMaker 10 and above. Sample digital library database.
AppleScript SamplesComment
Sample Commands Contains examples of controlling DocKeep, including scanning a document.
Auto Naming Place a blank piece of paper between each document and get separate image files with automatically generated file names.

Hardware Manuals for Fujitsu Scanners

Scanner Model   Support Documents
fi-4340C Cleaning & Maintenance [2.89MB]
Datasheet [402K]
fi-5750C Operator's Guide [6.7MB]
fi-6130 Operator's Guide [3.68MB]
fi-6140 Operator's Guide [3.92MB]
Datasheet [1.13MB]
fi-6230 Operator's Guide [3.68MB]
fi-6240 Operator's Guide [3.92MB]
Datasheet [1.13MB]

DocKeep Data Sheets

PDF files
DocKeep Imaging software [1MB]
FileMaker - DocKeep Integration [2.2MB]
DocKeep for MacPractice [1.3MB]