DocKeep Pro Advanced Features

AppleScript Support

In addition to the standard AppleEvents, such as run, activate, and quit, DocKeep Pro supports several commands that allow it to be controlled from other programs, such as FileMaker or stand alone AppleScripts. Sample Filemaker databases and AppleScript scripts are available for download from the downloads page. Here are a few that are of specific interest to the advanced user:

  • Dashboard

    The "Dashboard" is a FileMaker file that displays all of the AppleScript parameters used for controlling scanning. You can interact with a graphical user interface to get sample AppleScript far all of the settings.
    Dashboard Download
    Documentation (pdf) Sample Code (zip)

  • Scan to Container

    DocKeep Pro can be quickly integrated into any FileMaker Pro solution. It should take about 5 minutes to image enable your FileMaker solution. Productive Computing provides an unprotected integration example called 'DocKeep Scan to Container'. It is intended for use with FileMaker 12.
    Scan to Container Download
    Documentation (pdf) Sample Code (zip)

  • Scan Library, Run-time

    The "Scan Library" is a run-time (RT) version of a FileMaker solution, which means you do not need to have a copy of FileMaker to try out this sample. This is a very easy to understand sample, where you simply enter a description or "Title" for each document. You can then search for documents by the description that you enter.
    Scan Library Download
    Documentation (pdf) Sample Code (zip)